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This Unisaur figure brings Picasso's "Le Rêve" to life, giving it new dimensions. Colors and geometric lines dance across its surface, making the dreamscape flourish in reality. Picasso once told Marie-Thérèse, "For me, today is your 17th birthday. Though you have lived twice those years, meeting you marked the beginning of my life." This Unisaur encapsulates that perfect blend of spiritual and physical love. As viewers engage with it, they are invited to feel the depth of Picasso's passion and artistry, stirring their own imagination and creativity.

Le Rêve

SKU: 2024HP04
  • 3"(7.5cm) vinyl designer art toy which was hand painted in acrylic and finished in glossy lacquer.

    Limited Edition of 1 pcs only.

  • Worldwide shipping.

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